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PR Writing 

This article explains a new jackpot mechanism, that was never seen before in the gaming industry, in just a few lines and in compliance with gaming regulations. 

New product announcements target both the professionals that have "seen it all" and the new players that are just starting out at the same time. 

The challenge here is keeping a delicate balance between the professional gaming language and the more simple advertising language.

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888 Launches ‘Power 8 Jackpot’

A New Jackpot Format Exclusive to 888 Slot Games 

888 is pleased to announce a new series of Section 8 slot games. ‘Captain 8’, is a fantasy-filled 6-game series that takes players on an intergalactic adventure with stunning graphics. The series includes: ‘Captain 8 and the Cosmic Crystals’, ‘Captain 8 in Solar Space’, ‘Captain 8 in Galactic Megaways’, ‘Captain 8 and the Portal of Peril’, ‘Captain 8 and the Wild Woods’, and ‘Captain 8 in Raiders’ Revenge’. Players will be able to embark on various missions by choosing any of the 6 slots in this series.

The Launch of the ‘Captain 8’ games also added an exclusive jackpot category. The new ‘Power 8 Jackpot’, features a unique triple-drop daily win routine, where players will have a chance of winning the jackpot every 8 hours, instead of once every day as is common with most daily jackpots. The new ‘Power 8 Jackpot’ category is exclusively linked to the ‘Captain 8’ games. Players will get a chance to hit the jackpot just by playing any of the Captain 8 Slots.  

The new ‘Power 8 Jackpot’ and the ‘Captain 8’ games were developed by 888’s in-house studio Section 8. They are available to players at 888casino, across all 888casino markets, including UK, COM, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Germany, and the brand-new Ontario site


About 888:

888 is one of the world’s leading online gaming companies. It has been at the forefront of the online gaming industry since its foundation in 1997, leveraging its proprietary technology to provide to players and B2B partners with an innovative and world-class online gaming experience. 

888's consumer-facing websites offer more than just online games They are entertainment destinations: places where people can enjoy a truly interactive experience and be part of an online community that shares common interests. 888's strong and trusted brands are all accessible through the 888 websites. 

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