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Hi-Tech Writing

I am particularly fond of projects that help start-ups reach new users

These projects often pose refreshing challenges such as: 

1. How to clearly define a product that is in the making?

2. How to explain technical terms to a wide audience?

3. How to find indicators for a potential market or a new group of users?

My unique mix of research & creative work brings valuable insights to the table. 

Copywise this process could result in a whole new set of landing pages & social campaigns. 

Scroll to see a sample mock-up

Before any changes

This landing page was sent to me for a copy test.

Spike - before.jpg

My Suggested Copy Campaign

I thought we could make the new product shine a bit more if we: 

1. Explain what you can do with the product

2. Mention the target audience - marketing personnel

3.  Create a short stream of social ads

Spike - after.jpg
spike facebook 2.jpg
spike - facebook.jpg
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